Saturday, February 27, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Imse Vimse

I’m sure most are familiar with the nursery rhyme about the itsy bitsy spider.  Itsy Bitsy is the English version of the Swedish Imse Vimse.  Imse Vimse is a brand of cloth diapers and related products that are made in Sweden.  Imse Vimse, pronounced Imzee Vimzee, is known for their organic cotton products. 

Imse Vimse makes cloth diapers, diaper covers, swim diapers, cloth diaper accessories, training pants, nursing pads, cloth pads, and soap.

Imse Vimse makes an organic one size contour diaper.  Contour diapers are shaped diapers without a fastener.  The contours are made from 100% organic cotton.  They also make a newborn contour to fit your tiny baby.  These are also made of 100% organic cotton.

They offer three different kinds of diaper covers.  The Bumpy wool cover gives you the natural benefits of wool and an easy to fasten cover.  The Organic Cotton diaper cover comes with an outer material of organic cotton and an inner waterproof material made of polyester PUL.  It also closes easily with Velcro.  The other diaper cover that Imse Vimse makes is the soft cover.  The soft cover is made from polyester knit laminated with PUL.  It comes with both Velcro and snap closures.

The Imse Vimse swim diapers come in bright and colorful prints.  They feature easy side snaps on one side in case you need to change a diaper.  Imse Vimse also makes disposable diaper liners in baby and toddler sizes.  Diaper liners are useful to aid in clean-up, to prevent diaper ointment from getting on the diaper, and to protect your diapers from stains.  They are all natural paper products.  Imse Vimse also makes a wet bag.  Wet bags are laminated polyester bags that can be used to transport wet diapers or clothes.  Wipes are an important part of any cloth diaper stash.  Imse Vimse makes soft organic cotton flannel wipes too.

Training pants are one of Imse Vimse’s most popular items.  Their training pants fit like soft thick underwear.  The Organic Cotton Training Pants come with an outer layer of organic cotton, inner layers of organic terry, and a layer of pul to prevent wicking.  The Organic Velour Training Pants are similar to the organic cotton training pants except they have a soft velour fabric on the outside instead of cotton.

Imse Vimse doesn’t just make products for itsy bitsy babies.  They also make products for mom.  They offer nursing pads in silk and wool fabrics.  The silk is soft next to the skin and the wool is absorbent.  They come in a small and large size as well as a pear shape.  They also make nursing pads in 100% organic cotton flannel.  Organic cotton sanitary pads are also available in three different sizes.

Imse Vimse also makes products to clean your diapers.  For your wool covers they offer wool shampoo and wool care.   Do you have stains?  You may want to try their Wash Away Stain Soap.  It is a soda wash soap designed to get your diapers and covers sparkling clean.  The Olive Oil soap can be used to wash your wool covers or for bathing.

Imse Vimse is not so itsy bitsy when it comes to natural products for your baby.  From cloth diapers to swim diapers to mom products and cleaning agents they have you covered.  Check out Thanks Mama for a wide selection of Imse Vimse products.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dad and Babysitter Friendly Diapers

In your cloth diapering journey you will likely run into people who require an easy to use diaper.  In some households the Dad may insist on a cloth diaper that is easy on and easy off.  Other households may need an easy to use diaper for trips to grandma's house or for the babysitter.  Whichever is the case, it is beneficial to have a few easy to use diapers in your stash.

So what kinds of diapers are there that wouldn't scare off someone who is used to disposables?  Back eight years ago shortly after I began my cloth diapering journey I stayed at a friend's home.  While there we had a discussion about cloth diapers and I showed them a picture of a Kushies Ultra All in One Diaper.  The Dad informed me that if cloth diapers were like that he would be willing to give them a try.

Now Kushies diapers aren't the only easy to use diapers on the block.  BumGenius offers three different kinds of easy to use diapers.  One is the standard all in one diaper that goes on and off with hook and loop closures.  I showed some of these to other friends of mine who were curious about cloth diapering.  They were surprised that cloth diapers could be so cute and easy to use.  BumGenius also offers a pocket style diaper that when stuffed goes on and off with easy hook and loop closures.  The third Bumgenius option is an organic one size.  It also goes on and off easily with hook and loop closures.  All three of these options would be a good choice for someone who was hesitant about cloth diapering.

BumGenius is not the only brand that offers easy to use diapers.  Happy Heinys offers a one size pocket diaper with hook and loop closures as well as one with snap closures.  Once these diapers are stuffed with an insert or prefold they are all set to go on and off easily.  Fuzzi Bunz also offers two options - a one-size pocket diaper with snaps and a sized pocket diaper with snaps.  Bumkins All in One diapers are a brand that my husband likes to grab when changing a diaper.  The hook and loop closures make diaper changing quick.

Osocozy All in One diapers are another great option when chosing an easy to use diaper.  They feature easy to use hook and loop closures.  Thirsties offers two hook and loop closure easy to use diapers - the Thirsties Duo and the Thirsties Pocket All in One.  Blue Penguin offers three different easy to use diapers.  The Sposoeasy comes in two varieties one in cotton and one in hemp.  Both have snap closures.  The Re-Uz'm Elite All in One diaper is another of Blue Penguin's easy to use diapers.  It features a cotton interior and snap closures.

Some families opt to only use the easy to use diapers.  Some get a handful for the diaper bag.  Some keep some on hand for Dad to use or for the babysitter to use.  If you have someone in your life who needs cloth diapering made easy then grab a few easy to use diapers.  Typically the hook and loop closures are easier for novices to figure out, but most can handle the snaps fine with a little practice.  Thanks Mama offers a wide variety of easy to use diapers for those in your life who need a little simplicity.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Thanks Mama Giveaway!

We will be giving away a Pack of 4 Imse Vimse One-Size Organic Contour Diapers with retail value of $34.99

Made from 100% organic cotton with elastic through the legs. This diaper is quick drying, very soft and absorbent. The Imse Vimse contour diaper is streamline and not bulky at all. It is easy to put on and can be adjusted to fit any size baby. This means that these diapers will last from sometime after birth to potty. Works well with any Imse Vimse diaper cover: just wrap the generous wings of the diaper around your baby without the need for pins.

The Winner will be announced on Friday, March 12th

To enter Thanks Mama Giveaway you need to do one or more of the following and post a comment below this blog about each action you took with a link where it was done (each comment will count as a separate entry so your chances of winning increase)

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Prefolds for your Stash

Prefolds are necessary to any cloth diaper stash. Some people choose to use prefolds and covers exclusively. Even the all-in-one diaper user can find a use for prefolds. Prefolds make great inexpensive absorbent diapers. They can also be used a burp diapers. They can be folded and stuffed inside a pocket diaper. They can be used as an extra layer between the changing table and your baby when you are changing one of those super messy diapers that all parents encounter from time to time.

Prefolds come in various sizes. Typically the preemie or newborn size should be used with tiny babies. When your baby is about 10 lbs he or she should start fitting into an infant size without being overwhelmed by it. Infant sizes can be used for quite a while if you are simply laying the diaper in a wrap. If you are fastening the prefold with pins or a Snappi then you will need to move up to the premium size around 15 lbs and the toddler size around 30 lbs.

If you want to use your prefold without fastening it you will need a snug fitting cover. Just fold the prefold in thirds and lay it in the wrap. If it is too long for the wrap you can fold it in fourths the other direction and lay it in the wrap. You can also fold down the top part of the prefold and then fold it in thirds. The fold down option is usually a better choice for boys and the fold in fourths option is usually a better choice for girls.

If you want to fasten your prefold you will need diaper pins or a Snappi. One common fold is a newspaper fold. To do this you need to fold down the end towards your baby’s belly and then fold the diaper in thirds. Spread out the diaper at the back. You can then fasten this on your baby by fastening a snappi or pins connecting the spread out wings with the front of the diaper. The twist fold is also another good option. You place the spread out prefold under your baby lengthwise. You then twist the diaper and bring it up to fasten at your baby’s waist. You may need to fold down the front of the diaper if it is too long.

There are many different kinds of prefolds out there. Cotton prefolds are absorbent and fluffy. Thanks Mama offers Indian Cotton bleached and unbleached cotton prefolds, Econobum prefold and cover system, and organic cotton prefolds from Bummis. They also offer Babykicks hemp fleece prefolds which are excellent diapers for a heavy wetter or for nighttime. Blue Penguin hemp fleece diapers are prefolds, but with snaps so you don’t need a Snappi or diaper pins to fasten the prefold.

Prefolds are a popular choice for those who cloth diaper for economic reasons. But prefolds have their place in any diaper stash. Whether you use them as your main diaper, a doubler, or on your changing table prefolds are an essential part of any diaper stash.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thanks Mama Giveaway Winner!
The winner of Kissaluvs Giveaway is # 22 - Ricia (Mummatutu)
The winner needs to contact us at to claim the prize and to choose color of her Kissaluvs One Size Cover.
Thank you everyone for participating! We'll be posting a new giveaway in about a week.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't Forget Mom

In the search for the best environmental and comfortable choices for babies we can’t neglect moms. Resuable products for mom are readily available.

Nursing pads are available in a variety of fabrics and sizes. Moms deserve comfortable and chemical free options when selecting nursing pads. Kissaluvs makes soft cotton and velour nursing pads in stylish prints. Who says you can’t have fun prints with nursing pads? Nursing pads are also available in hemp. Babykicks makes nursing pads out of hemp fleece and Hemp Babies makes nursing pads from a combo of hemp fleece and organic cotton. One of my favourite nursing pads is the Imse Vimse silk wool pads. The silk is naturally antibacterial and goes next to your skin. The wool is not itchy, but very absorbent. You can get the silk wool Imse Vimse pads in three different sizes. If you are looking for something organic, you may want to check out the Imse Vimse organic cotton flannel nursing pads. As a Fuzzi Bunz cloth diaper fan I am also a fan of the Fuzzi Bunz breast pads. It features a stay dry fleece layer and absorbent flannel.

Sanitary pads are also available in cloth. You can find Imse Vimse snap on organic cotton pads with wings in three different absorbency levels. If you are a fan of stay dry fleece you can also find those coupled with hemp fleece by Happy Heinys.

So the next time you are shopping for your baby’s cloth diapers consider making a change yourself. If your baby deserves comfort and chemical-free cloth, shouldn’t you?

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