Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top Three in Cloth Diapering

Everyone has favorites.  If you have been cloth diapering awhile you may have developed quite a stash trying out many different kinds of cloth diapers and brands.  Even if you are new to cloth diapering you have probably already developed some favorites. 

I’ve been cloth diapering for nearly 9 years now.  While I have three current favorites, my favorites have changed throughout the years.  Here are my current top three favorite styles of cloth diapers.

  1. Pocket diapers. 
Pocket diapers are typically made with a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer of stay dry material.  Absorbent material is placed in between the two layers.  While all-in-ones are quite easy to use, I like the adjustability of the pocket diaper.  I often use a trifolded prefold in the pocket of the diaper for extra absorbency too.  It is my number one choice for night since I can place absorbent cotton and hemp into the pocket and have stay dry material up against my baby’s skin.  Some popular pocket diapers are Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius.

  1. All-in-one pocket diapers.   

These diapers are pocket diapers and all in one diapers.  Essentially they are all in one diapers with a pocket to add extra absorbency.   They are typically made with outer waterproof material, an inner layer of stay dry material and a soaker pad sewn into the pocket of the diaper.  These diapers can be used as trim fitting all-in-ones and adapt as necessary for heavier wetting times by adding extra absorbency into the pocket.  Some versions are made by Drybees and BumGenius. 

  1. Wool covers. 

Wool covers are simply diaper covers made out of wool.  They can be used over prefolds and fitted diapers.  Wool covers don’t seem to fit with my other choices, but I can’t help but love them.  I find them to be the perfect breathable cover.  While they may be bulkier than PUL covers I’ve found them to be a workhorse.  I’ve tried many different varieties and like both the front closure style as well as the pull-on.  I do use them with my pocket diapers or my combo aio/pocket diapers too.  At night I use a wool cover as extra protection to keep my little one’s pajamas and bed dry.  Some versions are made by Kissaluvs and Imse Vimse.

So those are my personal top three.  Over the past 9 years I have tried so many different cloth diapers and my favorites have changed over the years.  Prefolds with covers, fitteds and covers, all in ones, and pocket diapers have all been on my favorites list at one point in time. 

What about you?  What are your favorites?  Whether you have been cloth diapering 2 years or 2 weeks you have probably developed some favorities.  Please share your favorites in the comment section.   Anyone else have the same top three that I do?


  1. My top three are: prefolds with an extra microfiber insert wrapped inside stuffed into a Wonder Wraps cover (my all time favorite; such a shame they aren't being sold anymore)

    pocket diapers

    Hm. That's really all I use! I guess I only have a top 2.

  2. I only used pockets with my 2nd and have loved them, but with number three, i branched out more.

    I love prefolds for night, pockets for day use and AIO's for out on the town and babysitters. :)

  3. I do prefolds and covers, either fleece or PUL covers.

    I would love AI1's but 1) I make my covers and such and haven't been able to make a no-leak AI1, and 2) my husband can't grasp the idea of $15-20 for one diaper. HA!

    But I do have a question, I'm expecting #2 in August, so what do you prefer for a newborn? prefolds or fitteds and covers since they go through a lot? how about someone looking for someone to review newborn diapers? :D

  4. I really liked using prefolds for my newborn, diapers need to be changed so frequently, I thought prefolds were the easiest to wash and dry. This time around I am planning to try all kinds of new aio and pocket diapers that were not available 2 years ago.

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