Sunday, October 17, 2010

Journey into cloth diapering

Many years ago I stumbled upon a catalog of natural baby products.  Inside the catalog I found pictures of cloth diapers that looked easy to use.  This intrigued me and I kept it in the back of my mind.  When I was expecting my oldest child I had determined to check out these things called modern cloth diapers. 

My first foray into cloth diapering came in a large cardboard box that I found sitting on my doorstep one day.  I opened it to find my choice of prefolds, covers, fitted diapers, and a pocket diaper.  It wasn’t long before my newborn son was wearing his comfortable cloth diapers. 

As someone brand new to cloth diapering it was hard to know what type of diapers to choose.  I decided to try out many different styles and brands to see which one would work the best for us.  I wish a couple of Thanks Mama’s packages were available to me when I first started cloth diapering.  The Cloth Diaper System Sampler would have given me a way to try out an all in one diaper, a pocket diaper, a fitted diaper, a contour diaper, a prefold, and two styles of diaper covers for a reasonable price.  The Basic and Deluxe Newborn Packages would have given me everything I needed for a newborn with a variety of brands and styles of diapers.

In addition to the sample of cloth diapers I had ordered I was given a bunch of Kushies Classics to use.  Kushies Classics are unique diapers.  They can be used as an all in one or a fitted.  They feature soft flannel on the outer layer and flannel against the baby’s skin.  Under the outer layer of flannel there is a waterproof layer so they can be used for lighter wetting times without a cover.  The flannel was so soft and comfortable for my baby.  I just added some doublers to accommodate my heavy wetting son so I could use them as all in ones. 

When I started cloth diapering I had a little clothes line out in the backyard and I would take my infant son outside for some fresh air while I hung up the diapers to dry.  The natural bleaching from the sun was good to the diapers.  Any stains naturally bleached to white in the sun.

That was over 8 years ago.  I have one child still in cloth diapers.  Many years have gone by, but I still enjoy trying out different brands and styles of cloth diapers.  It is great that there are places like Thanks Mama that offer a wide variety of cloth diapers as well as excellent packages for parents just starting out in the cloth diapering journey.


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