Friday, October 1, 2010

Bummis for your baby

Bummis is a well-known cloth diaper manufacturer that has stood the test of time.  A small group of mothers began Bummis in the 1980’s and created products that have been used with babies around the world.  Today the Bummis company is still introducing high quality products. 

Bummis made the popular Tots Bots products available to North America.  The Easy Fit Diaper is an all in one diaper available in two sizes.  The inner material is made from absorbent polyester microfiber and soft rayon made from bamboo.  It features an attached liner that can be folded to give you up to six layers of absorbency where your baby needs it most.  It comes in two sizes.  The largest size fits from approximately 8-35 lbs with three different size settings.  Size can be adjusted by snap down settings on the front of the diaper.  The smaller size is called a Tiny Fit Diaper.  It is designed to fit from 5-12 lbs.  It comes in white and a variety of colors.  The Easy Fit also comes in a selection of cute prints.

The Stretchy Bamboozle is also made by Tots Bots in Scotland and offered to North America through Bummis.  While the Bamboozle has been available in the USA for years it is new and improved.  The Bamboozle with Aplix fasteners is made from stretchy rayon from bamboo.  The stretchiness helps give you a great fit every time.  The inner hidden layer of microfiber and the snap in doubler increase absorbency and lessen drying time.  The Bamboozle is made in two different sizes to fit from infancy to potty training.  Size 1 is designed to fit from approximately 5-18 lbs and the Size 2 diaper is designed to fit from approximately 10-35 lbs. 

Bummis Fabulous Wet Bags make cloth diaper storage easy.  They come in three different sizes and are available in the colorful Super Brite fabrics.  The small size measures 10 x 12 inches and the medium measures 14 x 15 inches.  They both come with a snap-able handle that can attach to a stroller or a doorknob.  The zipper closure keeps odors inside.  The large size works well as a hanging diaper pail or diaper pail liner.  It measures 24 x 24 inches.  While it doesn’t come with a snap-able handle it does come with a zipper closure and a drawstring.   The drawstring can be used to hang the bag. 

Bummis Training Pants are now available in their popular Froggy Pond print.  Bummis training pants are made with comfortable inner flannel and three layers of absorbent terry material.  A layer of waterproof laminate is sandwiched between the inner flannel and outer material which is made from soft polyester knit.  With soft lycra bindings at the legs and waist they can be easily pulled up an down by your toddler.    

Bummis products are known for their durability and quality.  Bummis offers a wide variety of diaper covers, cloth diapers, and accessories.  Visit Thanks Mama to take a peek at the many options Bummis brings to cloth diapering.  


  1. I love Bummis!! They make quality products!!

  2. I have only tried a swimmi diaper! Some day I may get to try one of their other diapers!

  3. The Easy Fit and Stretch Bamboozle are awesome! They are now my fave pockets and fitteds!

  4. After we got out of the newborn stage, and before the movement stage Bummis covers with PFs are my absolute favorite! We only merged out of them into something else when she became very mobile do to the velcro scratching belly issues. If only Bummis would get snaps in more colors!!!


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