Saturday, September 4, 2010

Using Wool

Many years ago before my oldest child was born I looked into all the different types of diapers available.  Among the jumble of cloth diaper options, wool diaper covers caught my eye.  I put a wool diaper cover on my list and the day it arrived in the mail I was pleasantly surprised.  While I didn’t expect it to be scratchy, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was soft and comfortable for my baby.  I thought it would be a bit difficult to wash and keep it waterproof, but found the process rather simple. 

Most wool diaper covers should be hand washed.  You should wash your wool covers when soiled or every 2 weeks if not soiled.  To do this just fill a sink with warm water and use a little wool wash.  Put your wool covers in the sink and push them down into the water.  Let them soak in the water with the wool wash for about 20 minutes before letting the water go down the sink.  Once the water is drained gently press out additional water in the wool covers.  Take the wool cover and place it in a dry towel.  Roll up the towel and press out any liquid into the towel.  Lay the cover flat to finish drying.  Use wool cure about once a month to keep the wool waterproof.
Wool is naturally breathable and keeps your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Wool also has the ability to hold about 1/3 of its weight in liquid so it is a popular choice for heavy wetters and nighttime use.  There are different types of wool covers.  You can find wool diaper covers that are a pull-on style and ones that are more of a wrap style. 
The Imse Vimse Wool Cover is a wrap style cover that can be used with prefolds or fitted diapers.  It features gussets to help contain messes as well as easy to use hook and loop closures.  It comes in 6 different sizes designed to fit from approximately 6.5 to 28+ lbs.  Snaps are available in the larger sizes to keep the diaper cover more secure when babies crawl and walk.  These work well for daytime and nightime use.

The Sugar Peas Single Layer Organic Knit Wool Diaper Covers are made from soft and stretchy organic wool.  It is a side snapping diaper cover that can be used over fitted diapers.  The diaper cover was designed to be used as a wool in one with snap in diapers.  When the diaper cover is wet, the cover should be hung to dry.  Once it is dry you can snap in a new diaper or insert.  This diaper cover works well for daytime use and will work well at night for most babies.  This cover is offered in 3 sizes designed to fit from 8-24+ lbs.

The Kissaluvs Wool Lover Diaper Cover is a pull-on soft wool cover.  This cover features gentle elastic around the legs to help contain any messes.  This wool diaper cover can be used as “shorts” during the day and a comfortable cover at night.  It can be used with fitted diapers as well as contour and prefold diapers that are pinned or snappied.  Some parents even use it over an all in one or pocket diaper at night to solve persistent leak problems.  It comes in three different sizes designed to fit from approximately 8 lbs – 35 lbs.   

Wool diaper covers are not like the scratchy and uncomfortable sweaters at our grandmother’s house.  They are soft and comfortable for your baby.  Thanks Mama offers several different brands of wool covers as well as wool wash and wool cure products to keep your covers clean and waterproof.

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