Saturday, September 11, 2010

Educational Toys - Learning through Play

With kids around the nation heading off to catch the school bus every morning it leaves little ones at home still free to engage in a world of play.  Play is an important part of a child’s development.  Play isn’t just what a child does to pass the time.  It is how a child learns, explores, and makes sense of his world.  It is through play that the world of imagination builds the language necessary for future reading skills.  It is through play that the child builds the dexterity to hold a pencil.  It is through play that a child builds cognitive skills necessary to think and process information. 

There are many different toys and household items that are perfect for pretend play.  The imaginative world of pretend play expands your child’s language and cognitive skills giving them an opportunity to play different roles and engage in complex play sequences.  The Plan Toys Tea Set helps bring tea parties to life with cups, sauces, tea bags, and even sugar.  Rail play is another favorite activity of little ones.  The Road and Rail Deluxe by Plan Toys provides a way for the miniature pretend world of cars and trains to interact.
Fine motor skills are small muscle skills your child needs to be able to write.  These skills develop through play as your child handles smaller items, scribbles, tears, or cuts with scissors.  Lacing Beads give your child a fun way to practice using the small muscles of the hand while putting beads on a string.  From the first scribbles to neatly coloring in the lines the Jumbo Triangular Crayons by Melissa and Doug will aid your child in learning to hold a pencil correctly. 

Puzzles are an excellent way to help promote your child’s cognitive skills.  They allow your child to think and solve problems.  Puzzles can range from the simple 3 piece puzzles to a huge 3D puzzles designed for adults.  Big knobs on puzzles like the Melissa and Doug Barnyard Animals Jumbo Puzzle are useful for little hands and are perfect first puzzles.  When the child is a little older knob puzzles like the Vehicle Sound Puzzle will give more complexity.

Toys provide an opportunity for a child to develop skills and have fun in the process.  One day that little one will run off to catch the school bus.  Until then your child can explore his world through play.  Thanks Mama offers a wide variety of toys to enhance your child’s development. 

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