Saturday, September 25, 2010

Benefits of Babywearing

I love wearing my baby.  Well, she is not a baby anymore so let me restate that.  I love wearing my toddler.  As I type this she is fast asleep on my back in her Ergo Baby Carrier.  I have three children and all three of them have enjoyed baby wearing. 

My oldest son found comfort and security in his Maya Wrap.  He was a child that was easily overwhelmed by busy environments.  In the Maya Wrap he found a place of peace where he could observe the world around him.  The sling also provided a convenient place for him to sleep when he was tired.  It was like a portable bed so even when we were away from home the bed was familiar. 

My second child also enjoyed his Maya Wrap sling.  It was actually the same one my older son had used, but he claimed it for his own.  He loved grocery shopping snug in the Maya Wrap.   When he was older I used the Ergo Baby Carrier and he loved riding on my back as well.   He was big for his age and I found the Ergo Carrier to be great at spreading his weight across my back, hips, and shoulders. 

Babies who are worn cry less.  Because they cry less, they are more in tune with their environment.  Because they are more in tune with their environment, their cognitive skills increase.  Babywearing also benefits language development.  Because your baby shares your line of vision the baby is more apt to attach meaning to words heard. 

My youngest child has also loved being worn.  As an infant she loved her Moby Wrap.  She would cuddle up and sleep for hours while I went about my day.  She loved the comfort of being held.  As a busy mother it wasn’t possible for me to hold her as long as she desired.  The Moby Wrap made that possible.  As she slept and snuggled my hands were free.  Now she is two and the Ergo often makes an appearance.      

I enjoy babywearing.  My babies did too.  I enjoy wearing my toddler too.  The years go by fast.  I’m happy that I can look back and savor the extra snuggles that babywearing provided.  Thanks Mama offers all three of the carriers that are loved in our household:  the Maya Wrap, the Moby Wrap, and the Ergo Baby Carrier.

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  1. I spent an entire month researching and reviewing babywearing products. Personally I love the ERGO. But my favorite from the beginning is the SleepyWrap, the MobyWrap just was not comfortable for us like the SleepyWrap. Otherwise I'm all about ring slings!!


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