Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quality Cloth Diapers Made in the USA

Thirsties cloth diapers are growing in popularity.  Not only are their products getting great reviews, but they are also well respected because their diapers are made in the USA.  The Thirsties company is also dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint by using solar energy to power their business needs.  Thirsties makes a Duo Diaper, a Duo Wrap, as well as other diapering products.

Duo diapers are a two size diaper system designed to fit your baby from infancy to potty training.  These pocket diapers feature a waterproof exterior and soft stay dry fleece against your baby’s skin.  The Thirsties Duo diapers come with an absorbent microfiber/hemp insert that you place in the pocket of the diaper.  The pocket in a Thirsties Duo Diaper is unique because it is open at both ends.  This allows for easier washing because there is no need to remove the inserts for washing.  They will come out during the wash.  Size 1 is designed to last from 6-18 lbs and size 2 will fit from approximately 18-40 lbs.  The uniqueness of this diaper system is that each size is adjustable into three different sizes by the snap settings on the front of the diaper.  One size diapers tend to be a little big for newborns and a little small for older toddlers.  The Thirsties Duo system eliminates this problem with three different settings for each size.  They also offer superior gussets designed to prevent leaks. 

Thirsties Duo Wraps are waterproof diaper covers that come in two sizes designed to fit your little one from birth to potty training.  Thirsties Duo Wraps are similar in their sizing to the Duo Diapers.  They have two different sizes:  Size 1 (6-18 lbs) and Size 2 (18-40 lbs).  Added flexibility to the sizing is build in with snap down settings on the front of the diaper wraps to give you a great fit.  Thirsties Duo diaper covers feature their well-known gussets to help prevent leaks.  This diaper cover is available with aplix or snap closures.

Not only has Thirsties produced high quality diapers and wraps, but they have introduced other needed items for cloth diapering families.  Thirsties Hemp inserts go along with their pocket diapers.  If you need extra absorbency at nighttime, naps, or for a heavy wetter then Thirsties Hemp inserts will add 6 layers of thirsty hemp-cotton material to meet your baby’s needs.  Thirsties Booty Luster is a handy spray bottle containing a natural solution to cleanse your baby’s bottom and protect from diaper rash.  You can place one in your diaper bag for easy cleaning away from home or use one full time.  They also produce biodegradable detergents to pre-wash and cleanse your diapers. 

Thirsties diapering products will likely grow in popularity as parents are looking for quality cloth diapers that are made in the USA.  The combination of the size adjustability, the superior gussets, and the absorbent inserts make Thirsties Duo Diapers a diaper to consider.  Thanks Mama offers a large selection of Thirsties Duo diapers, Duo Wraps, as well as other Thirsties diapering products.  

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