Saturday, July 31, 2010

Putting money back in your pocket

One of the benefits of cloth diapering is saving money.  While the act of cloth diapering in itself can save money, it is helpful to find special deals to increase your savings.  Even if you only save a couple dollars it can add up.
Big savings are available on the Bumkins All in One Diapers.  Bumkins All in One Diapers are known for their trim fit and cute prints.   They are made with soft waterproof outer material and flannel on the inside.  If you are looking for a diaper that is similar to a disposable in terms of fit and ease of use then the Bumkins All in One diaper may be what you are looking for.  Thanks Mama is offering them at clearance prices for only $16.45 each.  This saves $8.50 per diaper.

The Wahmies One Size Pocket Diaper with Hooks is now on clearance at Thanks Mama for only $16.45.  The hooks are difficult for a toddler to get open making the Wahmies One Size Pocket Diaper with Hooks a great choice for a diaper escape artist.  Normally this diaper costs $17.95, but now you can save $1.50 for each diaper purchased.

Thirsties Fab Fitteds are soft and comfortable fitted diapers for your baby.  When I first put this diaper on my baby I was pleasantly surprised.  It hugged my baby with softness.  It has stay dry fleece up against baby’s skin and an inner terry soaker.  They come in a wide variety of colors too.  Thanks Mama is currently offering them for $11.99 each.  They normally sell for $13.95 so you save almost $2 on each diaper purchased.

Osocozy Organic Fitted Cloth Diapers are made from absorbent birdseye weave material and an inner flannel soaker.  These diapers are made from certified organic cotton.  Normally these diapers are priced from $9.99 - $11.99 depending on the size.  If you are looking for the snap version Thanks Mama currently offers them at clearance prices.  The small size is on sale for $8.49, the medium is priced at $8.99, and the large is on sale for $9.49.

If you are in search of all in one diapers, but hesitate because of the price you may want to peek at Prorap All in One Diapers.  They are currently on sale at Thanks Mama.  Proraps All in One Diapers are made from waterproof vinyl backed polyester on the exterior and inner cotton material similar to prefolds.  Normally the diaper is priced at $9.99-$11.99 depending on the size, but you can currently purchase it for $9.99 for all sizes. 

Whether you cloth diaper for economic, health, or environmental reasons it is always beneficial to save a little extra money.  Check out Thanks Mama’s clearance page for even more special savings.  

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