Saturday, July 24, 2010

Babykicks One-Size Diapers

Not all cloth diapers are alike.  While they may have some similar features to other diapers, Babykicks One-Size Diapers combine a unique blend of fabric for the best of absorbency and softness.  They also come with side-snaps for a snug fit at the legs and waist.

Babykicks Organic One-Size Fitted Diapers are made from 50% certified organic cotton, 33% natural hemp, and 17% polyester.  This gives the diaper the softness of cotton, the absorbency of hemp, and the stretch of polyester.  Since it is a one-size diaper it comes with a color coded snapping system on the front of the diaper to adjust sizing.  It is designed to fit from approximately 7lbs – 40lbs.  This diaper also features a stuffable pocket where you can add extra absorbency.  A free medium Joey Bunz is included with the purchase of each diaper.  For daytime add a Joey Bunz to the pocket.  At night add an additional Joey Bunz or a Hemparoo Fleece Prefold.  Since this is a fitted diaper you will need a waterproof diaper cover.

The Babykicks Bumboo Pocket Diaper is a one-size pocket diaper designed to fit from approximately 7-35lbs.  Sizing is adjusted by snaps on the front of the diaper.  The Babykicks Bumboo diaper is made from 30% certified organic cotton and 70% rayon made from bamboo.  This unique combination keeps the material soft and absorbent.  It comes with a soft waterproof PUL outer shell so no additional diaper cover is necessary.  A front pocket allows you to add an absorbent insert or prefold depending on your baby’s needs.  The diaper does come with a free medium Joey Bunz insert which would work well for daytime use.  An added feature of this diaper is the air gussets which are made out of a fleece material.  This will allow for more air flow as well as softer material up against your baby’s legs. 

The Babykicks diapers may be just what you have been looking for.  Thanks Mama offers both versions of Babykicks One-Size Diapers.  Visit Thanks Mama to read more about these unique diapers and to view more pictures. 

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