Saturday, May 29, 2010

What to put in a pocket

What is in your pocket?  Pocket diapers come with a variety of options.  There are inserts and prefolds and each of those options come with futher choices when you factor in the different fabrics and materials.  Your success using pocket diapers can depend on what you place in the pocket of the diaper.

Inserts come in a variety of fabrics including microterry, hemp, and bamboo.  Microterry is probably the most common insert available.  A microterry insert is often included with the pocket diaper.  Microterry is durable, absorbent and trim.  It also gives a softer feel to the diaper.  Some popular brands are the Fuzzi Bunz microterry insert and BumGenius one size insert.

Hemp inserts are also available in hemp jersey and hemp fleece.  Hemp is naturally anti-microbial and is a better environmental choice because it is grown free from pesticides and is not bleached.  Hemp is also more absorbent and trim, but it may not last as long as microterry inserts.   Hemp jersey and hemp fleece inserts are available from Babykicks.  Thirsties also makes a hemp and cotton jersey insert.  Bamboo shares many of the same environmental features of hemp in that they are naturally antibacterial.  They also grow quickly and they are free from pesticides. Bamboo is soft and absorbent and dries quickly.  Bamboo terrycloth inserts are available from Bumkins.

Prefolds are another option for pocket diapers.  Although prefolds are bulkier they can provide the absorbency your infant needs.  Standard infant sized cotton prefolds folded in thirds fit well into medium sized pocket diapers.  You can also use an infant sized cotton prefolds in small sized pocket diapers if you fold it in fourths the other direction.  Another option would be to fold it in thirds and fold down the front to provide extra absorbency for a little boy.  Premium sized prefolds can be used in large pocket diapers and folded similar to how the infant sized prefolds are folded for small pocket diapers.  Hemp prefolds are a great choice if you have a heavy wetter.  They are less bulky than cotton prefolds, but have great absorbency.  I have found that one hemp prefold during the day and two at night to work well with a heavy wetter.  Babykicks makes hemp fleece prefolds in sizes that go along with many pocket diapers so medium sized prefolds would fit in medium sized pocket diapers.

Basically, a pocket diaper needs something absorbent.  Some parents find the best fit by mixing up two different fabrics and others insist that one particular fabric or style is best.  Finding the right material to suit the absorbency your baby needs is important to achieve success with pocket diapers.  If your baby's pocket diaper is leaking with the standard microterry insert then more absorbency will likely solve the issue.  Thanks Mama offers a wide variety of inserts and prefolds to fulfill your pocket diaper needs.  So what do you put in your pocket diapers?

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