Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Heinys Made to Fit

Have you ever tried a Happy Heiny diaper?  I first encountered a Happy Heiny diaper about seven years ago when my oldest child was a toddler.  The medium sky blue diaper impressed me with the fit and ease of use.  Since then Happy Heiny has introduced even more diapers into the cloth diapering world.
The Happy Heiny one size diaper is designed to fit your baby from approximately 8-35 lbs.  The diapers have four rows of snaps down the front to adjust the sizing to a newborn, small, medium, and large size.   Happy Heiny one size diapers are pocket diapers.  Pocket diapers require you to stuff absorbent material into the pocket of the diaper before use.  The Happy Heiny one size diapers come with two inserts – a small and a large.  When your baby is using the smaller size settings you can use the small insert.  When your baby is ready for the larger size settings you can use the large or both inserts for added absorbency that is often needed in larger sizes.  The one size diapers come in a wide variety of colors and prints.  Both the colors and prints are made from the same material and have been tested to last 12 hours at night for most babies.  The Happy Heiny one size diapers also come with two different closures – snap and aplix.   

Happy Heinys has also developed a diaper suitable for little ones.  The Happy Heiny Mini diapers come with two size settings for your tiny baby.  Typical one size diapers are bulky during the newborn stage, but the Happy Heiny mini is specifically designed to solve that problem.  It is designed to fit from approximately 4-15 lbs and has two different size settings.  It comes with two different inserts like the regular one size diaper, but the inserts are a extra small and a small size.  They come with aplix closures and are available in a wide variety of colors and prints. 

If you are looking to purchase your Happy Heinys in quantity you may want to take a look at package deals.  Purchasing items in bulk not only saves you money per diaper, but you may find free items in a package.  Thanks Mama offers Happy Heiny one size packages with a free hemp insert.  The 6 and 9 Happy Heiny one size diaper packages come with one free Hemp Baby Diaper Doubler that can be used as an insert.  The 12, 18, and 24 Happy Heiny one size diaper packages come with two free Hemp Baby Diaper Doublers.

Happy Heiny offers so much more now than the day I first put a Happy Heiny diaper on my little boy.  The Happy Heiny one size diaper as well as the Happy Heiny mini are a welcome addition to the cloth diapering world.  Visit Thanks Mama for a wide selection of Happy Heiny diapers and accessories.

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