Friday, May 14, 2010

Cloth Diaper Escape Artists

Do you have one in your house?  Some toddlers have found it fun to snatch off their diaper and streak through the house.  What can a parent do to keep the diaper on?

One simple solution that has worked for many families is to always keep clothing on over the diapers.  A layer of clothing like pants, a skirt, or shorts can decrease your child’s awareness of a diaper and cut down on streaking incidents.  Some toddlers are not deterred by a layer of clothing so wearing overall style shorts or pants can make it more difficult for the toddler to take off a diaper. 

There are some versions of cloth diapers that work better with cloth diaper escape artists.  It appears as though escape artists have the easiest time with Velcro-like closures.  Using snap closures like on the Fuzzi Bunz diaper or Kissaluvs Marvels can help deter a toddler who wants to take off his diaper.  If your toddler is determined to shed his diaper he will eventually figure out the snaps.  Other closure options are the Prorap Color diaper covers.  The medium to extra large sizes of Prorap Colors come with a tyke proof buckle.  The popular white Prorap diaper covers do not come with the buckle.  The Wahmies One Size Pocket Diaper with Hooks is another option to deter an escape artist.  The hooks are more difficult for little hands to undo.

When I have had a little one determined to shed a diaper and didn’t have access to a more tyke-proof diaper option, I have put the diaper on backwards so the fasteners are at the back.  This has almost always worked, but it isn’t a permanent solution because cloth diapers are not made to fit backwards.  It can help with the situation while you obtain a more tyke-proof cloth diaper option. 

Another consideration is that your escape artist may be ready for potty training.  Does your child tell you when a diaper is wet or soiled?   Is your child removing the diaper just after it is wet or soiled?  If so, you may be seeing signs of readiness for potty training. 

Whether you need a temporary or a permanent solution there are some things you can try to deter your little one from removing his diaper.  Check out Thanks Mama for cloth diaper options suited to an escape artist.  

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