Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cloth Diapering on a Tiny Budget

The economy has left many families with limited or no income.  Many more families are tightening their belts trying to cut down on monthly expenses.  Disposable diaper costs can add up for a family trying to save money.  Cloth diapering is a great way to save money.

Cloth diapering will save you money whether you go with high priced all in one diapers or simple prefolds and covers.  The amount of diapers you need depends on how often you plan to wash.  If you are able to wash every day you can get by with only a dozen diapers and at least 3 covers for most infants and toddlers.
While not fancy, prefolds really do a great job.  They are the workhorse of cloth diapers.  Priced around $2-$3 for cotton prefolds they are the economical choice.  Diaper covers can range from $6 to $36.  Obviously if you are trying to save money you will look for the most economical choice.  Two popular covers are the Bummis Whisper Pant and the Prorap Diaper Cover.  The Whisper Pant is trim waterproof pant that you pull on like a pair of shorts.  You would need diaper pins or a snappi if you go with the Whisper Pant.  They are less than $6 each.  The Proraps Diaper Cover will allow you to lay the prefold in the wrap and fasten it on your baby with the hook and loop closures.  It is priced right around $7.

So what else will you need?  You will need some kind of wipes.  You can purchase cloth diaper wipes which usually cost at least a dollar per wipe.  Any kind of material can be used for wipes so if you are able to sew then you can gather up some old towels or clothes that you can cut up and sew into wipes.  If you don’t sew you can purchase a little microfleece and cut it into squares since it doesn’t unravel.  But microfleece doesn’t have the best texture for cleaning up a mess.  You will also need a place to put the dirty diapers.  You can find an all day wet bag for as low as $10 or a diaper pail liner for $20.  Some people use a container that they wash out each time the diapers are washed.  Others may use a garbage bag.  You will also need some sort of wet bag for your diaper bag.  Wet bags hold dirty diapers while you are away from home.  Wet bags can cost between $12-15 dollars.

You don’t have the break the bank to get started with cloth diapers.  The Just Get Me Started Package at Thanks Mama will get you started cloth diapering for less than $50.  If have have more wiggle room you can opt for a diaper like the popular BumGenius 3.0 and get a dozen for just over $200.  Either way you go, both options will save you money when you add up the costs of disposable diapers.

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