Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kushies...something to save about

I first met Kushies diapers eight years ago when a box of Kushies Classics and covers arrived on my doorstep.  I was new to cloth diapering and Kushies when I jumped in with both feet.  Kushies diapers are a popular brand that definitely have a place in the cloth diapering world.  Kushies offers affordable, yet quality diapers.  They provide parents easy to use diapering options without the hefty price tag.

Kushies Ultra All in One diapers come with a waterproof exterior and a flannel interior.  You can also find these in a lightweight waterproof exterior version.  The prices vary a little depending on the size, but range from $8-$12 per diaper.  Most all in one diapers cost over $14 per diaper.  Their sizing also allows you to use a diaper longer too.  The infant size goes from 10-22 lbs and the toddler size goes from 22-45 lbs.   I have been informed on more than one occasion that a family decided to cloth diaper because they were able to purchase all in one diapers at this lower price. 

Kushies also offers a unique option in the Kushies Classic.  It has flannel on the interior and exterior with a waterproof barrier in between.  This allows you to use this diaper during the day or lighter wetting times without a cover.  While it is priced similar to the Kushies Ultra diapers they also have the same sizing so you will need to purchase two diaper sizes instead of the typical three sizes (small, medium, and large).

Kushies also offers a lost cost fitted diaper.  The Kushies Basic fitted diaper is made from flannel.  It has fitted legs and hook and loop closures.  Depending on the size and quantity you purchase, you can get these fitted diapers between $6-$7.  Most fitted diapers cost several dollars more per diaper. 

The cost savings don’t stop there.  Kushies offers different types of diaper covers.  All styles fasten over the diaper with hook and loop closures.  The regular Kushies diaper cover is made from durable polyester backed vinyl.  The Kushies Taffeta diaper is lightweight and is made from nylon coated polyurethane.  This comes in bold prints with a taffeta trim as well as more modern prints.  Kushies diaper covers are priced under $8 when most diaper wraps are priced over $10.  This gives the mom looking for bold and cute prints an inexpensive option. 

Kushies are known for their swim diapers.  They have the diaper only version that attaches with hook and loop closures and a tie in the front.  They also offer a girl’s version where the front of the swim diaper comes up and ties at the child’s neck to look like a swimsuit.  These come in Kushies great selection of prints at an affordable price.

If you are looking to save money and yet still want a durable and cute cloth diapering option, give Kushies a look.  It just may be what you are looking for. Thanks Mama offers a wide selection of Kushies products.  

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