Saturday, February 27, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Imse Vimse

I’m sure most are familiar with the nursery rhyme about the itsy bitsy spider.  Itsy Bitsy is the English version of the Swedish Imse Vimse.  Imse Vimse is a brand of cloth diapers and related products that are made in Sweden.  Imse Vimse, pronounced Imzee Vimzee, is known for their organic cotton products. 

Imse Vimse makes cloth diapers, diaper covers, swim diapers, cloth diaper accessories, training pants, nursing pads, cloth pads, and soap.

Imse Vimse makes an organic one size contour diaper.  Contour diapers are shaped diapers without a fastener.  The contours are made from 100% organic cotton.  They also make a newborn contour to fit your tiny baby.  These are also made of 100% organic cotton.

They offer three different kinds of diaper covers.  The Bumpy wool cover gives you the natural benefits of wool and an easy to fasten cover.  The Organic Cotton diaper cover comes with an outer material of organic cotton and an inner waterproof material made of polyester PUL.  It also closes easily with Velcro.  The other diaper cover that Imse Vimse makes is the soft cover.  The soft cover is made from polyester knit laminated with PUL.  It comes with both Velcro and snap closures.

The Imse Vimse swim diapers come in bright and colorful prints.  They feature easy side snaps on one side in case you need to change a diaper.  Imse Vimse also makes disposable diaper liners in baby and toddler sizes.  Diaper liners are useful to aid in clean-up, to prevent diaper ointment from getting on the diaper, and to protect your diapers from stains.  They are all natural paper products.  Imse Vimse also makes a wet bag.  Wet bags are laminated polyester bags that can be used to transport wet diapers or clothes.  Wipes are an important part of any cloth diaper stash.  Imse Vimse makes soft organic cotton flannel wipes too.

Training pants are one of Imse Vimse’s most popular items.  Their training pants fit like soft thick underwear.  The Organic Cotton Training Pants come with an outer layer of organic cotton, inner layers of organic terry, and a layer of pul to prevent wicking.  The Organic Velour Training Pants are similar to the organic cotton training pants except they have a soft velour fabric on the outside instead of cotton.

Imse Vimse doesn’t just make products for itsy bitsy babies.  They also make products for mom.  They offer nursing pads in silk and wool fabrics.  The silk is soft next to the skin and the wool is absorbent.  They come in a small and large size as well as a pear shape.  They also make nursing pads in 100% organic cotton flannel.  Organic cotton sanitary pads are also available in three different sizes.

Imse Vimse also makes products to clean your diapers.  For your wool covers they offer wool shampoo and wool care.   Do you have stains?  You may want to try their Wash Away Stain Soap.  It is a soda wash soap designed to get your diapers and covers sparkling clean.  The Olive Oil soap can be used to wash your wool covers or for bathing.

Imse Vimse is not so itsy bitsy when it comes to natural products for your baby.  From cloth diapers to swim diapers to mom products and cleaning agents they have you covered.  Check out Thanks Mama for a wide selection of Imse Vimse products.

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