Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dad and Babysitter Friendly Diapers

In your cloth diapering journey you will likely run into people who require an easy to use diaper.  In some households the Dad may insist on a cloth diaper that is easy on and easy off.  Other households may need an easy to use diaper for trips to grandma's house or for the babysitter.  Whichever is the case, it is beneficial to have a few easy to use diapers in your stash.

So what kinds of diapers are there that wouldn't scare off someone who is used to disposables?  Back eight years ago shortly after I began my cloth diapering journey I stayed at a friend's home.  While there we had a discussion about cloth diapers and I showed them a picture of a Kushies Ultra All in One Diaper.  The Dad informed me that if cloth diapers were like that he would be willing to give them a try.

Now Kushies diapers aren't the only easy to use diapers on the block.  BumGenius offers three different kinds of easy to use diapers.  One is the standard all in one diaper that goes on and off with hook and loop closures.  I showed some of these to other friends of mine who were curious about cloth diapering.  They were surprised that cloth diapers could be so cute and easy to use.  BumGenius also offers a pocket style diaper that when stuffed goes on and off with easy hook and loop closures.  The third Bumgenius option is an organic one size.  It also goes on and off easily with hook and loop closures.  All three of these options would be a good choice for someone who was hesitant about cloth diapering.

BumGenius is not the only brand that offers easy to use diapers.  Happy Heinys offers a one size pocket diaper with hook and loop closures as well as one with snap closures.  Once these diapers are stuffed with an insert or prefold they are all set to go on and off easily.  Fuzzi Bunz also offers two options - a one-size pocket diaper with snaps and a sized pocket diaper with snaps.  Bumkins All in One diapers are a brand that my husband likes to grab when changing a diaper.  The hook and loop closures make diaper changing quick.

Osocozy All in One diapers are another great option when chosing an easy to use diaper.  They feature easy to use hook and loop closures.  Thirsties offers two hook and loop closure easy to use diapers - the Thirsties Duo and the Thirsties Pocket All in One.  Blue Penguin offers three different easy to use diapers.  The Sposoeasy comes in two varieties one in cotton and one in hemp.  Both have snap closures.  The Re-Uz'm Elite All in One diaper is another of Blue Penguin's easy to use diapers.  It features a cotton interior and snap closures.

Some families opt to only use the easy to use diapers.  Some get a handful for the diaper bag.  Some keep some on hand for Dad to use or for the babysitter to use.  If you have someone in your life who needs cloth diapering made easy then grab a few easy to use diapers.  Typically the hook and loop closures are easier for novices to figure out, but most can handle the snaps fine with a little practice.  Thanks Mama offers a wide variety of easy to use diapers for those in your life who need a little simplicity.

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