Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wool, the Natural Choice

Parents wanting to find a natural option for cloth diapering may want to turn to wool. Wool diaper covers are a natural alternative. Most cloth diaper covers are made from man-made materials.

Wool diaper covers come in many forms including pull on styles, snap on styles, and Velcro-like fasteners. Some wool covers like the Imse Vimse wool cover can be used with a folded prefold or a fitted diaper. The Sugar Peas wool cover can not only be used with prefolds or fitteds, but it can be adapted to be a Wool-in-one diaper with an addition of a snap in diaper.

Some parents who consider wool covers may wonder about the comfort of a wool cover. Wouldn’t it be scratchy? On the contrary most wool covers are extremely comfortable. The scratchy kind of wool is not what is used to make wool covers. The wool is soft and comfortable.

Caring for wool covers is not that difficult. You typically need to wash them when they are soiled and air-dry them when wet. Because wool is naturally anti-microbial you don’t have to wash them with each use. It is a good idea to wash them once every two weeks though. Wool covers should be hand washed in most cases. You can get a special wool wash and wool conditioner to keep them in good shape. You can also wash them in baby shampoo and lanolize them with lanolin. If you do get lanolin you will have to melt the lanolin with hot water and add it to the rinse. You want to dry your wool covers flat. If you use wool full-time or depend on them for night time make sure you allow at least 24-30 hours for the wool cover to dry.

Besides being comfortable and made of natural materials, wool is a great option for heavy wetters because wool absorbs without leaking. Wool covers are breathable and they keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Wool diaper covers do tend to cost more, but you typically need less wool covers than diaper covers made from man-made materials. If you use wool full time you will only need about four covers. Wool covers are also more durable than ones made from man-made materials so they can be used with multiple children.

Wool is the natural choice. It also tops the list in terms of comfort, breathability, and durability.

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