Saturday, December 19, 2009

OsoCozy Cloth Diapers

OsoCozy diapers are here. What makes OsoCozy diapers oh - so - cozy? The All Together Company has redesigned their all in one and fitted diapers to make them more cozy.

The OsoCozy all in one now has outer material that is made of soft polyester laminate. The snap tape closures have been replaced with Aplix hook and loop closures and the inner material is made from a choice of soft cotton gauze or unbleached birdseye cotton. The OsoCozy fitted diaper is made out of birdseye cotton in both white and unbleached versions and has Aplix hook and loop closures for easy use. The fitted diapers will require a waterproof diaper cover.

So what is the word on the street? What do parents like you think of the OsoCozy diaper? Todzwife from Diaperswappers loved the softness of the outer material. She had felt the outer material on the original version and was wowed by the change. Rumor has it that they are very absorbent. Dusthappy1 from Diaperswappers said the all in one diapers work better with her heavy wetter than disposable diapers. RachandSoph from Diaperpin says that they take a long time to dry, but are really absorbent. Heatherweh from Diaperpin agreed that they take a long time to dry, but they are her favorite out of many different all in one diapers. She loved how soft and comfortable they were. Many parents are using them for nighttime or naps with success.

These diapers are economical too. Many all in one cloth diapers come with a near $20 price tag. The OsoCozy all in one diapers don't come close. You can get a dozen medium OsoCozy all in one diapers for only $135 at Thanks Mama. That works out to only $11.25 per diaper. TheOsoCozy fitted diapers are an even better deal. A dozen OsoCozy fitted diapers work out to only $7 each diaper at Thanks Mama. They are manufactured right here in the USA by parents like you.

Absorbent, trim, and economical OsoCozy diapers would make a great addition to any diaper stash.


  1. I love the concept of these diapers, but they do not work for my daughter. She has a skinny waist and slightly chunky thighs. The wings pull out slightly on her legs and cause the velcro to rub on her skin. Within 10 minutes she had scratches all over both legs.

  2. I got a couple Osocozy all in ones in size Medium for my daughter and was happy with how they worked. The cut is trim, as all in one diapers, they are very easy to use and absorb great. They do take a little longer to dry than most of my other diapers. Usually I run one dry cycle for all my diapers and then hang over night a few that are still damp.

  3. The Osocozy all-in-ones were horrible for us! They're nothing more than a prefold in a cheap cover and didn't hold well for our now six month old. She isn't a heavy wetter but she soaked through the front (which should never happen period). They we re also stiff and the Velcro didn't stayed closed well.

  4. Great blog on CLOTH BABY DIAPERS!
    Thank you so much for posting this!


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