Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hemp, the Natural Choice

To the person new to cloth diapering hemp may seem like an unusual choice. After all, isn't it related to a well-known drug? While hemp is related to the plant that grows the well-known drug, hemp won't get a person high. In fact, hemp fabric has many positive aspects.

Environmentally, hemp is an excellent choice. The hemp plant grows quickly without any chemicals. The plant helps replenish the soil, gives off more oxygen than other plants, and can even remove toxins present in soil. Hemp fabric is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria. It is more absorbent than it's cotton counterparts and is biodegradable. Plus hemp fabric is more effective in blocking ultra-violet rays.

While hemp diapers can be washed with your other cloth diapers, you need to prepare them first. When you first receive your hemp diapers you need to wash the diapers on hot followed by a hot dry cycle. Depending on the brand you purchase you may need to repeat this up to eight times before you use them. This process removes the natural oils that are present in the hemp fabric. During this process you need to wash your hemp diapers separately from other diapers. The diapers may shrink a little after you complete this process.

There are many great hemp products out there. The Sposoeasy is an easy to use all in one cloth diaper with a hemp interior. It fastens with snaps and no leg bindings for your baby's comfort.

Blue Penguin's Hemp Prefolds with Snaps are simple hemp fleece prefolds can can be fastened on your baby with snaps. You will need to use a diaper cover for this diaper.

Thirsties Hemp Inserts and Babykicks Hemp Inserts are made for pocket diapers. Pocket diapers feature a waterproof outer and an inner fabric that goes against the baby's skin. The hemp inserts would be placed in between the two fabrics. One of the leading companies of hemp cloth diapering products, Babykicks also make hemp prefolds, nursing pads, and wipes.

Hemp Babies cannot be forgotton. They feature a wide range of hemp products including doublers, nursing pads, flat diapers, and diapers that can be used as pocket diaper inserts or doublers.

Some people use hemp diapers exclusively while others have a couple hemp diapers to use at night. Because of it's increased absorbency hemp is a natural nighttime choice. Give hemp a chance. You may just find yourself pleasantly surprised.


  1. I'm trying hemp with my daughter at night in the hopes of reducing the bulkiness of her diaper, but it seems like I'm still using a prefold and two inserts. Do you have any suggestions for a trimmer option? What can I do differently? I would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks.

  2. What prefold and inserts are you using? Bulkiness may be necessary for nighttime especially if you have a heavy wetter. I found two Babykicks Hemparoo Fleece prefolds inside a Fuzzi Bunz to do the trick for my heavy wetter. It wasn't trim like a disposable, but it was more trim than if I was using cotton.

  3. I use Gerber cotton DSQ (premium) prefolds. The inserts are just some microfiber that I made (2 layers) or sometimes the bumGenius smaller inserts, and then a Kissaluvs super soaker. I use a Wonder Wraps cover usually, but also have two Polar Bummis. The WWs are on the highest setting, and that's why I'm worried this solution won't last. She's only about 21 pounds. Thanks for your suggestion, I will try the Babykicks prefolds and see if that helps some. I got some hemp inserts and am using them in place of the super soaker, but it didn't reduce the bulk much. I will have to try your idea. Thank you!


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