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How to wash your cloth diapers

How to wash your cloth diapers
We all want our cloth diapers to last and to do their job. It does take a little bit of love and care for cloth diapers to perform the way they suppose to but it does not have to become a dreaded chore. Every manufacturer has its own suggested washing instructions but many of us have different brands of diapers in the stash and they all need to be washed together. We do recommend you follow manufacturer suggestions for preparing your brand new cloth diapers for use. Hemp and cotton take more initial washes to soften the fabric and make it absorbent, but generally all types of cloth diapers need to be washed at least a couple times before first use.
The following can be applied to most diapers in day to day care, it is how we do it in our household:
- Keep your soiled diapers in dry diaper pail, we really like Bummis Tote Bags for this purpose, we have one hanging on a hook in the bathroom; Fuzzi Bunz Hanging Diaper Pail is meant to be hang on a door knob. Using products like Bum Genius Odor Remover and/or Citrus Circles will help with odor.
- Washing your diapers every one to two days is ideal; this washing schedule will also help to minimize any odor. But do not panic if you went 3 days without washing! Most of the solids should be dropped in the toilet, flushable liners like Bummis Bio-Soft Liners and Imse Vimse Flushable Liners make this process a no brainer. Another option is to invest in a diaper sprayer – Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer or Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Sprayer, they easily attach to any toilet and you will probably find other uses for it in your household.
- It is recommended to prewash or rinse your cloth diapers before real washing, this will loosen up the fabric and wash off any remaining solids. Some people like to add a little detergent in the prewash, usually it is not necessary.
- Make sure all Velcro tabs are fastened and inserts are taken out of pocket diapers.
- Use about half the amount of recommended detergent. Not all washing detergents can be used for cloth diapers, you want to avoid detergents that contain fabric softeners, fragrances and bleach. We use Bum Genius Diaper Detergent for all our diapers. You can review other cloth diaper friendly detergents at
- For washing after the initial prewash use heavy duty, hot water cycle and half recommended detergent. You can remove your diaper covers after this cycle and hang them to dry or dry them on warm for a short time (they usually dry very fast)
- Your next cycle can be regular cold cycle with no detergent followed by a short rinse cycle or rinse cycle only. It will depend on the load, if you think you’ve used to much detergent or you want to give your cloth diapers extra clean this time around, use a cold wash cycle. You can also use 1 to 2 table spoons of baking soda or quarter of a cup of vinegar in this extra wash cycle. We recommend doing this every one to two weeks.
- The most important factor in caring for your diapers is to keep them residue build up free. So really make sure no detergent is left in the fibers and do not use creams and lotions that are not cloth diaper friendly. This can completely ruin the diapers and will take a lot of work to get them back in shape. Some good wiping solution that are comparable with cloth diapers are Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion and BumGenius Bottom Cleaner
- Dry your diapers on hot or hang to dry. If you choose to hang dry, place diapers in the drier for 10 minutes to soften them. Try to dry your diapers in the sun at least some times, this is a natural way to bleach them.
I know this may seem like a lot of work if you have never used cloth diapers before but trust me, you’ll get used to in no time. A few things to keep in mind but the process is really simple.
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