Baby Proof Needs

Making sure that all the electric sockets are covered, there are no exposed wires, the whole ordeal needed to make sure that our bundles of joy are safe.

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This is Your Life as a Brand New Mom

Congrats, you’re a brand new mom! Pregnancy was a roller coaster, but there are many more dips and turns to come now that baby is here. You know you’re going to be changing a lot of diapers and you’re looking forward to taking adorable baby pictures, but there’s so much more to the experience that you can never prepare for!

Baby Shower Mishaps

Baby showers can be a ton of fun. You get to mingle with your close friends and family, you’re given all sorts of useful baby items and gifts, and you’ll receive support and encouragement for the journey ahead. However, not everything that goes on at baby showers is happy and fun. Be prepared for a few minor disasters!

How to Deal with Pushy, Know-it-All Mom Friends

Having a baby for the first time is a crazy, emotional experience. You’re scared, excited, and worried. Talking to other moms can be comforting and helpful, but sometimes their opinions are overbearing and pushy. When they’re giving you advice you don’t want and don’t need, what can you do?

Struggles of Young Motherhood

Young mothers face a lot of scrutiny for raising children, even from adults in their own age group. They don’t understand or can’t imagine having babies themselves, so they think it’s irresponsible for anyone to embark on a child rearing journey before they’ve seen their 10-year high school reunion. But here’s the thing – your experiences and choices are yours, and yours alone.

Artist Creates Hilarious Drawings Depicting New Mom Life

Motherhood is a crazy ride. Watching your baby grow and change is fascinating, and you will grow and change as well. Taking photos to document the journey is standard practice for most of us, but artist Lucy Scott took things a little further with her new book, Doodle Diary of a New Mom.

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Pregnant sex thoughts you’ve totally had

Being pregnant causes some big changes in your life, but with your hormones going crazy it could also mean a desire to get frisky in the bedroom! Your belly can make fun with your partner a little awkward, and your mind is likely to wander to some pretty interesting places! This funny article from the […]

Say goodbye to magazine clutter for good!

The Internet has transformed the way we do things in a variety of ways. More and more magazines are digitizing their pages and offering them to be read on the web, which can seriously cut down on your paper clutter! Now you can use that extra space for baby stuff! This article from Organic Sunshine […]

The evil side of dollar stores

When you’re a mom with a budget, dollar stores offer a lot of cheap convenient items for parents and kids. Unfortunately many dollar store products to not meet safety standards and contain toxic chemicals. Dollar Tree is one of the biggest offenders with over 800,000 items failing to meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards […]

Give yourself a LUSH Mother’s Day gift!

LUSH products are appropriately named, as any fan can tell you. The company is focused on sustainable green practices and is totally against animal testing. They have a bunch of special products featured for Mother’s Day including fizzy bath bombs that smell amazing, awesome shower gel and super skin moisturizer! Read the full article here: […]

Beautiful newborn herbal bath photos

Herbal baths provide comfort and healing to post-birth moms, and the womb-like nature calms babies too. They’re becoming popular for moms with home births and hospital births alike, and the serenity makes for some truly stunning photos that capture the beauty of new motherhood. Featured at the Baby Center, these gorgeous photos show the love […]